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Pillo is...

Gaming with a cushion!

Gaming with a pillow!

Pillo is a game controller shaped like a pillow. Because of its soft and intuitive design, Pillo makes gaming accessible for anyone. Just hug, squeeze and press Pillo to control the objects in the games.

Gamen met een kussen

Working together!

Pillo always comes in pairs. The Pillo games are designed to be controlled by two or more players. Players need to work together to win the games. Best of all, everyone’s a winner!

Gamen met een kussen

For everyone!

Pillo can be played by anyone. More and more games become available, tuned to the needs and wishes of different player-types. Whether you are young, old, fit, frail or disabled, with Pillo anyone’s an abled gamer!

Gamen met een kussen


The games for the Pillo controller are always non-violent, cooperative, joyfull and challenging. We work hard to keep it so for both our internal and external developers. This is how we maintain the loving Pillo philosophy!

Latest news...

Pillo on Gamescom!

15 August 2016

After an amazing GDC, Pillo is also heading to Cologne, to be shown at Gamescom! Want to know where to find us?

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Pillo in San Francisco

6 March 2016

Pillo is heading for San Francisco this year, to be shown at and around GDC! Want to know where to find us?

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Pre-order your Pillo set!

5 March 2016

Just in time for GDC. You can now pre-order the all renewed Pillo sets. Including the official Developer Kit!

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We're going to GDC!!

18 January 2016

We're very excited as GDC will be the first international step in our great adventure to make Pillo a reality.!

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Our history

  • December 2011

    Original Project

    Ard Jacobs developed a first prototype of the Pillo game controller as part of a project in his Master Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology.

  • September 2012

    Founded Pillo Games

    Laurie Sieben and Ard Jacobs founded Pillo Games. Laurie’s entrepreneurial spirit and heartwarming glow bring the company to life.

  • January 2013​

    ASML Young Talent Award

    Ard Jacobs won the first ever ASML Young Talent Award, receiving public affirmation on his persuit for social connection through co-dependent gameplay.

  • November 2013

    Market Research

    Pillo organises its first symposium to convince people from the healthcare and gaming industry of its market potential.

  • 2014-2015

    Developing the Pillo Controller

    For two years, Pillo has been developing multiple iterations of its controller towards a producable version. Together with industry partners a viable, durable controller has been realized.

  • February 2015

    Making Games

    The Pillo Games game studio has been founded together with a team of professional game developers, to create games for the Pillo platform according to the Pillo Games philosophy.

  • December 2015

    Plug & Play Standard

    All Pillo hard- and software has been optimized and synchronized to create the best possible Pillo Games experience.

Our Amazing Team


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The hardware geek


Narrative overlord & Design genie

Pillo Angels


The ultraboss & our female's touch


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The guy that gets sh!t done


Hulan Studio

Software & Games partner

Ephi Design

Production & Development partner


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